Goth Barbie Night time make up

Hello Sweethearts!

Pink.....very very Pink.I received a pink jumbo eye pencil and I wanted to try it out as a base.
The result is stunning.Flashy pink!And since the make up is flashy already,why not add some glitter to make it even flashier?
There is no special occasion for this look.I didn't even leave the house yet.Sweat pants and a huge Nirvana Hoody is today's fashion.
But being able to see the glitter on my lashes when I blink my eye is just sooo nice (Glitter Gollum XD )

So here is the look.It is my first indoor picture with my new bathroom lighting.

Pink Hugs with Glitter *weeee*


  1. Pretty!
    I love your creative eyelining, looks awesome :)

  2. Thank you Morrigan
    Have a great day!!

  3. Very pretty! The pink on your lid is beautiful! Love you you added pink along the black eyeliner art!


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