Cute Mushroom Daisy Nail Art Design

Hi dolls

I got a few new detailing brushes from the craft store.Great Bargain: 5 brushes for 2 Euros.And the fine brushes are so great for nail art,because they are synthetic.
The background is normal nail polish and the grass,mushrooms and daisies are done with acrylic paints.
I dip my brush in rubbing alcohol instead of water.This makes the acrylic paint adhere to the nail polish surface better.
Here is the design:

It was a little time consuming,but thankfully acrylic paints dry ultra fast.
Now I shall add top sealer and be a couch-potato-chinchilla ......Good night dolls,have a fabulous day!


  1. The mushroom is so cute!!

  2. boah sind die toll, ich glaub`s nicht♥


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