500 posts.OMG I am a spammer

Hi guys!

Wow 500 posts!That is a lot.There is certainly a lot of cooking going on here.Well it is difficult for me to stick to one subject,so I added beauty stuff and also some tips followed by some personal stuff.
Hey,we are in Blogger wonderland here.Peter Pan doesn't want to grow up and I just don't want to stick to one topic.
Blogging has really changed a lot in a positive way,and you can't imagine how grateful I am for that.

All you followers and readers are such lovely people with humor and the amazing talent to put a smile on my face.
Every new comment is a little fiesta for me,that I celebrate with a little happy dance or a "Weeeeeee"
You rock!!!!!!
I wish I could give you all a big hug!!

Thx <3


Who is up for a little spontaneous happy dance?



  1. *dances* I can't imagine getting to that many posts! XD xxx

  2. Congrats on 500 posts!
    I always love reading your posts :)

  3. *dances too*
    Thanks ladies <33333333

  4. Yay for 500 posts! I like it that you don't stick to one topic. It adds variety to my day! And blogging has been so much fun for me too. I love getting to interact with women all over the world. How cool is that!?

  5. Yeah that's the best part of blogging.Getting to know all those lovely people!

    Thx for stopping by Peach

  6. Congratulations! I think it's good that you have so much to say. I like reading, so I hope you keep on writing for another 500 posts :)


Thank you for commenting,I love to read your comments dolls!

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