Pink and Gray Dramatic Gothic look

Hello my dear Sweethearts!

I have definitely found a new Hobby....Guess what?! Eyeliner Art tssssssss.
It is weird sometimes,I always thought I don't like to 'paint' on a small scale,but somehow through nail art and eyeliner experiments,I find it very relaxing to paint little detailed things.

As you can probably see in the picture,there was a little color dilemma.I knew it was going to be pink,but somehow I added purple,turquoise and gray.(And blue glitter liner).
Experimenting is always good,no matter how pretty or ugly the result is!!!!!!!
The turquoise was a bit of a fail,but hey it is covered by eyeliner tribal 'stuff'.

So here is the result...
covering fine lines with a text banner is so smart pssssss!

If this eyeliner art 'career' (lol yeah career,what a smart choice of words) goes on like this,in 10 years my whole face is going to be covered in this stuff.But why not?It's my face and I can do whatever I want with it.

Beauties,never listen to what other people tell you.Because 99% of the times it is jealousy.
Those people saying :" That is too much make  up" secretly wish they could have the confidence to rock an extreme make up look.

And make up is just like a necklace or a ring.....It enhances what god (not that I believe in him) gave you.

Be proud of your body and your soul!And decorate it,the way YOU want.I don't care if Taupe is trendy right now.I don't give a damn if nude colors are oh so hot this season.I look ill with nude lips!

And <3 yourself!


  1. I love your eyeliner art! I think it is very creative and beautiful! And I'm jealous of your skills! :) I so agree with you, when people critize and talk crap about others, I firmly believe it is because they are jealous!

  2. Hello ^^
    Thx peach!
    Yes,that's true.Jealousy is a bad thing!

  3. God I love the blending of the pink and purple! I'm totally with you! I love eyeliner art! Though it is true you get a lot more attention from strangers lol.
    But as I've said before, some people will look at you as if you're crazy, and others just come up to say that they really like it, and wish they would be brave enough to try the same. Love the sparkle behind your lashes as well.

  4. Thank you Morticia <3 Have a great day hun


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