10 things from today

1.It is SUNday.A very sunny one!
2.Croissant for breakfast yammi
3.Went to the bakery shop almost straight from bed.Imagine Mick Jagger hair and Ozzy Osbourne mumbling .Who cares! It is Sunday :D
4.Great news coming up for this blog! Sealed a great deal *woohoo*
5.Heard an interesting theory: When Sakis Rouvas and his stupid song "Irthes" is stuck in your head,you gotta listen to Tokio Hotel,to unstuck the song........Yeah thx for the great advice!It didn't work.
6.Men and their comments about make up items are just so great : A man sees a package of fake lashes,and with a big questionmark in his face he asks: " What are those spiderlegs for?"
7.Really need a more mild toothpaste.The one I have is so strong minty,that my face explodes every time I use it.
8.Is wondering why the consumption of sugar in the morning makes me instantly sleepy.
9.Why there are so many cosmetics scattered around my desk?? (Note to myself: Clean you sh*t up lazy cow!)
10.Edible Glitter ftw!


  1. Yay for Sunday! I have cosmetics scattered around my computer desk and vanity, so don't worry, it's not just you! :)

  2. Phew! That is good to know!
    Thx for stopping by! :D


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