Nail art design ideas with nail polish and acrylic paint

Hello Beauties.

Those really cheap acrylic paints turned out to be my new best nail art friends.
You can do so much fun stuff with them.Especially the pigmentation is amazing,so you will need only a little amount of color.I tried them on real nails today and they don't leave any stains on the nail.And when you mess up,you can clean it with a wet Q-tip.
Nail polishes work great on top and under the acrylic paints.
As I had said before: They need a thick layer of top coat to make them high shine.But it was pointless to waste top coat just to take a picture for the 'archive'.So I only used cheap,clear nail polish.

The nail with the cracks was not done with a Crackling topcoat.

Huggies and Goodnight


  1. Anonymous01:21

    ohhh sehr süß, hast du den rechten per hand gepinselt? :O

  2. Wow! Great nail art! Glad the acrylic paints worked out for you!

  3. Thank you ladies <3
    Retrokitten: Ja ist mit der Hand gemacht.
    Danke fuers comment

    Peach: Thank you hun <3


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