10 Things of today

1.Sitting in a random office(It is always nice to see what other people do on their computers when nobody is watching.They should delete their browsing history definitely!
2.Want to drink something,I am sooo thirsty.This office building has a fancy drink vendor machine downstairs.Definitely gonna raid that machine! Aye
3.Apple pie for breakfast mhhhhh.The slice was wayyyy to small.Moar plz
4.Why do people from English speaking countries always say : " Go learn English/your English sucks" when they run out of arguments??? I really hate that,especially when those people didn't learn any other language apart from English.
5.Why do all roads here in Greece turn into the fucking Amazonas river when it rains?? Where did all the money go??? Yeah we all know where,......
6.If I see or hear one more mayor election truck with a megaphone on it,I will loose it.Using a pre recorded tape with the ugliest and most annoying voice on the planet is sure a very smart tactic for being elected.FAIL
7.This stupid noob keyboard makes me angry.It is designed for small handed people.Everytime I wanna hit shift I hit caps lock and \\\\.Yay
8.Having a useless chat to make a situation less akward is not my biggest strength.
9.I just spotted an unopened pack of green tea in this office and after checking the expiration date,I was shocked. 2008!!!!!
10.When all you can think of is a nice cupe of tea,it is time to run to that fancy vendor machine.


  1. A random office? Sounds like fun! pie for breakfast! Yum! And I bet if you checked the green tea in my office, it probably expired in 2005! We don't have any tea drinkers in my office. We all stick to coffee. Sad, I know :(

  2. Haha yeah the office was fun.I went to my partner's office today to hang out.
    It's okay to be a coffee-drinker,I used to belong to that kind too.:D
    Tastes are different (thank god)

    And thx for stopping by hun


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