10 things :D

1.I discovered that I am a strong person.Never thought I could handle a really difficult situation without loosing it.But yesterday I discovered that I can!
2.Had an amazing breakfast,a Greek version of a Doughnut.We are gonna eat out today,so there was a late breakfast.
3.I am still laughing about a certain person,that really dislikes me.I went to her territory,but she didn't expect me to be there.The look on her face when she saw me was so funny.Like she had seen a ghost.
4.Amazing cup of tea! *slurp*
5.Random scene from the supermarket....(I was wearing my eyeliner art) Random lady stares at me.I started to feel slightly uncomfortable,so I stare back with my eyebrow raised.She almost yells:" OMG is that a tattoo??" And now all the people waiting in line stare......I felt my face getting red.Me:" It's just eyeliner Miss,I can take it off at night."Then she said:" Boohoo I can't even line my eyes without messing up"
So we did a little tutorial.I told her that she has to rest her pinkie finger on her cheeks to have steady hand.
I should not have raised my brow! That lady was actually very nice and friendly.I feel like such a jerk now.
6.I am wearing a leggings under my black tights to keep my butt warm.Awful gray jeggings.I have betrayed my own principals of eternal leggings-hatred.
7.Is it just me,or has the flavor of Fanta Orange slightly changed? It is less zesty
8.Had a little accident last night X_X.I was 'fixing' my eyebrows with a pair of tweezers.Then the bathroom's light bulb broke and there was a spark flying.I ripped out a lot of eyebrow hairs.Now there is a hole.Yay for clumsiness.
9.Wow one year ago I hated Lipgloss,now I have 2 of them next to me,so I can apply them 10000 times a day and smack my lips.
10.Thanks to Mr.Marilyn Manson.His music always kept me company in those dark hours.It makes me happy,it makes me re-think my 'values',it can make my cry and most importantly it is nice music to do the dishes.(When you are alone with dirty dishes and some music,what do you do??) I do a pseudo-choreography-dance thing....butt shaking,some Elvis moves and Billy idol expressions.

Have a great Saturday Honeys ! Hope you are all well and healthy.

Feel hugged and loved <3



  1. That is too funny about the lady in line starting at your eyeliner art! How funny! Don't feel too bad about being rude, it was kind of rude of her to stare at first! But how sweet of you to give her a quick tutorial!

  2. Well being rude is never nice.But she totally caught me off guard.I felt bad because she was such a lovely lady.
    Thanks for stopping by peachy <3

  3. Awww that is such a cute story! I want to give someone an impromptu supermarket makeup lesson!


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