Lipton White tea raspberry review (teaview XD)

Hello dear Sweethearts!

It's tea time!
As you may know I am a tea fanatic.I love tea in every flavor and shape.Thankfully I am not a Gourmet and 99% of my tea comes from the supermarket.Now that the weather got colder here in Europe,Lipton launched a few new teas that caught my eye.

Today it is the turn of white tea raspberry!

You can see the packaging on the photo...

What it promises:"Here,white tea flirts with the voluptuous flavor of raspberries.Tea buds and shoots carefully chosen and dried for a great light,non-bitter taste,fuse with very-berry flavor.Our Pyramid(r) bags allow ingredients room to release their full deliciousness.Pure joy"
(Source: Package)

There are 20 bags inside the package.You brew the tea with water that it 90 degree Celsius and steep for 2 minutes for a light and non-bitter taste.

Okay I did that :)
Once you pour the water on the teabag your nose will get flashed by bright fruity,grassy notes of raspberry aroma.WOW!
Once the tea steeps the notes definitely turn into a more natural raspberry aroma,that is not so 'in your face'.Note that real fresh raspberries and freshly cut grass have some similar smell elements in them.
The beautiful smell makes you stick your nose right in the vapor of the tea and go :" Aaaaaaah "

The flavor of a cup Lipton white tea raspberry that steeped for 2 minutes is indeed very light and pleasant.You can clearly taste white tea and raspberry.But a hardcore tea lover like me wants some subtle bitterness.Once the cup steeped for 4 minutes this tea releases all it's beauty.
A very fruity sweetness,a very deep and long lasting white tea note and a hint of bitterness.

When I got the tea I was expecting a quite synthetic raspberry flavor,but oooh boy was I wrong.

This tea is very nice and it will definitely move in my tea box for this winter!

The best part is,you can make a very delicious ice tea with it!!!!

I hope you liked the review.It took me a while(and several cups) to find the right description for the flavor.The good part is I even learned something I probably missed due to heavy sleep during English lessons.Hhah

(All logos,product names and trademarks belong to lipton)


  1. hmmm.. I saw it at super market but I was unsure because I usually don't like fruit scented tea (my favorite is Lipton Vanilla Caramel). Maybe I'll give it a try! Thanks for the review!

  2. It is fruity,but unlike the other fruity teas in out supermarkets.The Vanilla Caramel is goooood especially on rainy days.

  3. I actually browsed the tea isle at the supermarket this afternoon! I need to get away from caffine and thought about switching it up with some tea! Thanks for the "teaview," I look forward to seeing more!

  4. Peach,I switched too a few years ago.
    I drank too much coffee,because I thought only coffee could wake me up in the morning.
    Tea is a great alternative.Especially tea-latte makes the change from coffee to tea easier.
    And then you realize,that you don't need any coffee to wake up :)


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