10 things of today IV

1.Made fingerless Goth Glam Gloves (tutorial will follow)
2.Excited to try out a all natural shampoo and conditioner from Alverde
3.I forgot that I wore make up and just rubbed my eye! Yay for clumsiness
4.Is going to make a teaview (tea review)
5.Hate Mail can be amusing sometimes,especially when the hater ends up having a temper tantrum.So yeah dear hater,that was an epic failure.You just pwnd yourself
6.Is it normal to be so "gollum" about Nutella? Ahhh my preciouuuuus
7.The neighbor's kids need the super nanny desperately.I call it Neanderthal Opera : Screaming high pitched inaudible aaaaaa oooooo iiiiiiiii sounds.
8.Good to know that the asshole people are usually punished by their own 'brilliance'.
9.November with Mosquito bites.Pfff Yeah and now please tell me again,that the whole global warming thing is a conspiracy theory >_>
10.Shout out to Lily Blue and The Peach !


  1. I'm wondering if #5 and #8 are related. I'm interested in what the hate mail is about! That sucks about the neighbors kid :( And thanks for the shout out!

  2. Hi Peach!
    No 5 and 8 are not related (Thank god for that).The hate mail was the classic mail from a person that assumed I am a vegetarian because I feature vegetarian dishes.And he/she went bonkers on me for cooking meat as a vegetarian.Haha

    Thx for stopping by hun

  3. 6.I ate Nutella sandwich for breakfast today! But the weirdest combination I've tasted is Nutella with pita (the one you use for gyro and souvlaki)!! And it was delicious! Awww, now I want to eat it again!
    7.I totally understand. The worst thing about naughty, super noisy children is that they usually have more noisy parents! @$%&*$#!
    9.Yep! And they are immune to insect repellent! grrr!

    These posts are great! :-)

  4. Hi Nat!
    I have tried Nutella with Pita! It is really good.Try Nutella,Banana and a little bit philadelphia cream cheese on top.
    Kounoupia :S


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