DIY fingerless glove for Goth girls

Hello Hello,

As promised before I am going to do a tutorial on how to make yourself a fingerless glove without sewing.It will be a 10 minute job.

You need:
A pair of opaque  stretchy stockings or tights
glitter/frosty nail polish
clear nail polish
a pair of scissors
white chalk
some sheets of newspaper

On the seam of the stockings that is somewhere in the toe area,mark 4 wholes for your fingers with chalk .Cut them out and put on the fingerless glove to see where the whole for the thumb will go.
Brush the edges of the wholes with 2 coats of clear nail polish.
Now place some rolled newspaper inside the stocking in order to have a flat,wrinkle free surface to apply the polish dots.
Place random dots with Glitter nail polish or frosty one.Normal nail polishes will sink into the fabric,but glitters and sparkles stay on top of the fabric.
Let the dots dry for 1 hour !

And that is basically it ;_)
Now I have warm hands! Especially when I am on the computer my hands freeze,but with these fingerless gloves there is no problem anymore,plus I can look at Glitter *weeeeee*

What are your current DIY projects?



  1. Nice tutorial, gonna make me some of these sometime :) Ideal for winter


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