10 things of today

1.Had a lot of tea (7 cups)
2.I am wearing glitter eyeliner and loving it.
3.Did a lot of nails today.
4.Having short nails again is so nice.I had been growing mine since August and after soo many Edward Scissor Hand moments I was just sick of them.
5.YSL Lipstick smells like fresh roses!
6.Is running out of rhinestones (note to myself.....)
7.Bought pet supplies
8.Feeling uncertain due to the political problems in Greece
9.Discovered,artificial cinnamon flavor makes me sneeze
10.Totally tired,but mind is awake :S


  1. Lets see... 7 cups of tea, thats a lot! I don't think I've ever wore glitter eyeliner, but it sounds like fun! I got a good laugh over the Edward Scissor Hand moments! Thats funny stuff! I've always wondered how women can have long nails without having those moments! A yay for pet supplies! I love shopping for my dogs!

  2. Yeah long nails can be a challenge.It is a true challenge to pick up coins from a flat surface.You should try glitter eyeliner hun,it is sooo much fun.
    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment,I really apprechiate that <33

  3. 1. What flavour/brand? 7 cups? wow!
    2. Niiice!
    4. I can't have long nails without scratching everyone and everything around me! I don't mind but they do haha!
    8. Me too...

  4. Hi Nat Ti kaneis ?
    1.Okay let me think : Green tea with yasmin from Twinnings,Gunpowder tea from the tea shop,Lipton Green tea Melissa and Lemon,Greek mountain tea,and some star anise and fennel seed tea.
    4.I don't scratch,but I had trouble picking up coins from the counter.

    Thx gia to comment
    Na exeis kalh mera :D


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