10 things from today II

1.I ate a whole package of mentos,didn't eat them for a few years,because I was addicted.Now I remember why! (Want more!!)
2.Here a new major is going to be elected,one of them was handing out some info-sheets and tried to have an open discussion.He got the wrong person hahah (evil laughter) I have been to a argumentation seminar......poor man.He will have nightmares of a lady with weird tribals around her eyes and the fake lashes are coming after him.
3.Major clumsiness today.
4.Had pasta with Bolognese sauce today
5.Only one cup of tea today :( I have to change that!!!!
6.Saw cute boots today,but as usual the size stops at 41
7.Noticed that I wore navy blue pants with black pullover.I could have sworn it looked black this morning.(Well it was dark,maybe that's why)
8. Wonders why everybody is crazy about Balsamic vinegar.???? I don't like it much.Only use it in sauces and reductions.But on salads it makes me wanna cry.
10. The major candidate is having a 'party' and called a 'very famous' band.Thanks for making my ears puke.Damn why do I have to live close to his office,damn whyyyy?


  1. Love all of your random stuff! I am so with you on the sweatpants! And navy and black look the same in the dark! :)

  2. Thx Peach!! Yeah sweatpants are so cool.I don;t know what I would do without them.


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