Dark Green and grey eye make up

Hello Beauties <3

My pc died yesterday,but I was able to fix it and back up all my important data.Poor pc,the motherboard has it's own life sometimes.
This morning I was like nooo nooo I lost all my data and I touched some cables and fans on the inside of the pc,and shabaaaang it worked again.

Todays look is suitable for a night out or simply for a very dramatic autumn look.

The inner corners have some light green,then a hunters green,then a graphite colored eyeshadow to create that oval sharp shape on the outer edge.

On the lower lash line I mixed some green cake paint (water activated )
My waterline is lined with black as usual and the upper lash line is lined with liquid waterproof eyeliner.

I applied false lashes (Which took me only 5 minutes *yay*),mascara and that's basically it.

Special thanks to Waree for sending me that awesome Ben Nye Palette!!!

Huggies and Have a great day <333333



  1. haha i have the feeling that you will wear false eyelashes in all the FOTD and make up look that you will post :D

    great make up btw !!!

  2. I think your feeling is right.hahh
    Well they look cool,but they are not suitable for work,otherwise I would wear them <3

    Thanks for commenting

  3. I really like this one, well done.


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