DIY Lip balm with flavor


Let's make a cute Lip balm shall we?

It is very easy and most of us have all the ingredients at home.The recipe is for 2 small jars

You need:
2 tablespoons Vaseline
2 drops olive oil or Vitamin E oil
1/3 teaspoon Vanilla syrup or Raspberry syrup (I used Raspberry) Any flavored syrup will do
2 drops of honey
1/3 teaspoon pigment
For the shimmer you can use any pigment you like.I used a shimmery vanilla colored pigment and a rosy pink pigment with gold shimmer

a microwave safe mug
something to stir (I used a plastic spoon)
A bowl

Combine all ingredients in your bowl and stir well.Fill the mixture into the jars.

Put 50 ml of water into your microwave safe mug and bring it to a boil in the microwave.Make sure your jars close well otherwise seal the lid with some tape.
Put one jar into the mug and let it sit there for 10 min.Remove the jar from the water,open it and stir .
Repeat with the other jars.


I had made white chocolate flavored lip balm some days ago and I gave it to a friend.She loved it.
Since I had raspberry syrup in my kitchen I tried it out and it was fabulous!
It makes the lips soft and has such a cool color.


  1. thanks for sharing !

    i hope i will manage to do it !

    last time i tried to make a home-made lip scrub made of lipbalm and sugar it turned into a real disaster.

    the first day it was good then the lip scrub completly dried out inside the jar and the texture turned into solid hard sugar. i couldn't use it anymore gah !

    let's hope this tutorial will work ! :D

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  3. Anonymous18:07

    so hab ich das früher auch gemacht :) aber ich bin dann umgestiegen auf naturkosmetikbalm... mit bienenwachs, kakaobutter, öl, etc... mach auch irre spaß welches zu machen, wäre sicher auch was für dich? kannst ja mal gucken auf meinem blog unter "rührküche" hab ich mal meine erstversuche dokumentiert ;) ist halt schöner, weil keine paraffin und so drinne ist :)

  4. @ Lily: Same here,lip scrub is tricky to make.This recipe is not that messy.
    Thanks for stopping by hun

    @retrokitten : uuuuuuh!!!! DAS muss ich mir anschauen.
    Danke :)


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