Tea punch with red fruit and cinnamon

Today I wore my first long sleeve of the summer.The cold breeze came in kind of handy,because I was missing hot beverages sooo much.
This recipe can be done with or without red whine.I prefer it without

You need:
1.5 liters water
3 teabags rose hip tea
1 teabag blackcurrant tea
3 teabags raspberry tea
1 teabag hibiscus flower tea
200 ml cherry juice or red whine
1 cinnamon stick
2 cloves

Bring the water,the sugar,the cinnamon and the cloves to a boil.Once the water boils add the teabags and boil for another 3 minutes.Add the cherry juice or whine and remove from the fire.Now filter the tea with a sieve or a coffee filter and serve.


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  1. Anonymous21:02

    sieht mal wieder total lecker aus!!! was hast du da eigentlich für ne tolle aussicht?? wo wohnst du?


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