I kind of feel the urge to talk about cooking.
It is such a beautiful thing to do.Like a painter or any other artist you layer flavors,play with textures and aroma.You can combine so may things and be able to create something unique.It can be a great therapy for any sort of emotion.
When I am mad I cook spicy stuff: Jalapenos,chili....bring it on!
When I am sad I do deserts.......Drown that pain in sugar and cover it with chocolate!
When I am happy I bake.......There is nothing better than cheerful stirring and mixing.
When I am tired I do healthy stuff.......Soups,Salads.....hoping for some energy here !

Cooking is also a very great communication tool.Food can not be misunderstood because it's language is universal.You can show gratitude for something,by giving a friend a home made basket of cookies.He might not like the cookies,but he will apprechiate the fact,that you took the time to make them.

I started cooking really early....The first things I cooked,were instant powdered soups and spaghetti with instant sauce.
The experimenting started at a young age.I still have a very vivid memory of my first disaster dish.It was thickly cut raw potato,toast bread,salami and boiled egg...sprinkled with cheese and baked for 10 minutes on low heat.Fail!!!!!!!!!
I was so devastated.

But failure makes you learn and research!

2 weeks ago I made a utter failure dish *LOL* Overcooked chicken nightmare.
It was dry,the sauce was a mess (Too much exotic spiced),tried to cover it with coconut milk,then honey.But I ate it.....

Well,that's my cooking monologue for today......
I was so mad angry that day!


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