Scary Fairy? Goth Tinkerbell Mutation? Halloween for everyday?

This look has a funny story to it.I live in a country where Goths are kind of rare.And I think I am the only Goth in my town.So we went for a beer in a popular place and the waitress serves us.She stares at me......continues to serve.....stares again,but this time really close.....and I am thinking :"Dang,probably my eyeliner is smudged or I have a huge splatter of ketchup in my face"......Then she knocks over an empty beer bottle.....looks again and asks: " Did you do that yourself?"....Me:" You mean the make up???" Her : "uhmm....errrr....yeah!" Me : " Yeah of course"
Epic weirdness moments for the win.

I primed the eyelid with black jumbo pencil and the crease with fuchsia colored jumbo pencil.I applied some fuchsia and dark red eyeshadow on top and finished it off with some yellow and orange.I blended all the colors together and added a huuuuge eyeliner wing.Some mascara and black eyeshadow on the lower lid and of course the waterline lined with a gel eyeliner.



  1. Anonymous18:44

    so ähnlich musste ich meine freundin damals auch immer schminken, nur mit noch mehr geschnörkel.. kam in ihren mittelalter-gothic-kreisen voll gut an XD

  2. :D Schnoerkel sind immer gut!
    Danke fuers Kommentieren

  3. I like this blog :) I´m your new follower!!

  4. Thank you for becoming a follower<3
    I am your new follower too!
    Check out the contest :)


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