Gun metal gray smokey eye


Today is shopping day.Groceries to be exact.Let's shock some narrow minded people in the super market,shall we??

This is a basic smokey eye with gun metal gray and black.To add some color to this oh so dark look,I added some purple under my eyebrow.
Of course I can't go without my scary-fairy eyeliner.I added some red to the edges of the wing,so it looks more three dimensional.To keep the look in place,I used she-laq from benefit cosmetics.It seals everything,so there is no smudging or fading.

So my shopping list is complete,the look is complete now let's hope for some weird looks from the non Goth population in the supermarket.



  1. Anonymous16:19

    nee nee der glitzert nicht, ist komplett matt :)

  2. OH MAN! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those extra red wings on your liner! SO GENIUS! It makes your liner look 3D!

  3. Thank you dear!
    Have a great day!


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