Pink and silver criss cross nail art

This nail art is simple yet very elegant and fun.
You need :
Light pink/baby pink polish
hot pink polish
eggplant polish
silver polish
blue polish
nail art brush,dotting tool,make up sponge

Apply your base coat as usual and apply the light pink color all over the nail Then your are going to do the fade effect with the hot pink and the eggplant color as explained in this post.
Now take your nail art brush and start drawing diagonal lines to create a check pattern.
Pick some blue color up with your nail dotting tool and place a dot on each point that the silver lines cross each other.
Apply a top coat and you are done.
Huggies <3

(Excuse the funny photoshop effect,but my hands were discolored from the cup cake decoration I did yesterday.I had blue liquid food dye all over my hands X_X)

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