Fade effect nails

Hi again.

When I was a little Goth I tried to achieve the fading look for several times.Either I had like 5 layers of nail polish that took hours to dry and looked more smudged than faded.
A few days ago I was experimenting with a make up sponge an e voila I did it.
I used the colors of the sunset,but I will upload a Goth version of this look as soon as it is time for a new nail design.

You need:
Base coat
Yellow polish
orange polish
coral polish
make up sponge
Q-tips for the clean up afterward.
Tip: Use polishes with the same finish.Cuz it will look kinda weird if one polish has shimmer and the other one has glitter

Apply a base coat and let it dry,then apply the yellow color all over your nail.*Dry*
Now take the make up sponge and paint the very edge of it with orange polish.
In a pressing/dabbing motion apply the polish on the tip of the nail and the middle.Make sure you don't create harsh lines.
Apply the coral polish on the same spot of the make up sponge that you used the orange and apply it to the tip.
Now quickly apply the top coat and *Dry*.
Clean any mess ups with a q-tip and some nail polish remover.

Done :)

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