Essence multi dimension 3 in 1 nail polish review


This nail polish is really good.I owe several colors and I am really happy with the results.

The packaging : Essence multi dimension 3 in 1 nail polish comes in a glass bottle with a silver plastic lid.
It contains 0.2 fl.oz / 8 ml

What it promises: "ultra elastic,long-lasting,extra caring,with XXXL shine" (Source: Bottle)

My opinion : This polish really lasts long,and if you wear it with a proper base and top coat it won't chip.The xxxl shine unfortunately doesn't last very long if you don't use a top coat.
It is really really elastic unlike a lot of other polishes that start chipping and peeling off after 2-3 days.
The application is easy,because the polish is not too runny and not too gooey.The brush could be better ,because you have no control how much or how little product is picked up by the brush.
If you apply one coat,you might not get 100% coverage,although if you apply a thicker coat it covers perfectly.
The only bad thing I noticed,is that the black ( No 20 fatal) dries out very quickly.But storing it in the fridge will prevent this.
My first bottle dried after 3 months and I had to buy a special nail polish thinner to make this usable again.
But bottle number two was stored in the fridge and there were no problems whatsoever.
I don't think that it is extra caring though.....
The nail polish could dry a bit better,but it is ok.Usually it takes 20 min for it to fully dry when wearing a thick coat.

Compared to a waaaaay more expensive black polish from Dior (No I would never buy a nailpolish that expensive.It was a gift!) the essence multi dimension is just a superstar and worth every cent (2,55 Euro).


(disclaimer : I am not affiliated with essence cosmetics and I did not receive any monetary compensation for mentioning their products)


  1. So, I'm guessing you're living in the U.K., right? I was wondering if you knew how much 2,55 euro would be in american dollars. Also, ^-^ seems like you enjoyed yourself with the new nailpolish.

  2. Hi thanks for stopping by.I live in Greece,in the UK they pay with Pounds.2.55 Euro is about 3,70-something dollar.


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