Dear potato thief!

Wow,I can't believe what happened.I had planted a few french gourmet  potatoes which were almost ready to be harvested (1 week left).So when I went to check on the potato-babies today I was in sheer and utter shock.
Some thief climbed the fence and dug out almost all of my pretty babies.*snifff*.

So dear potato thief!
I will kick your potato thief ass if you dare to touch my honeydew melons,Jalapenos,Habanero chili or anything else in my little garden.
And if I have to beat your potato thief face with a heavy duty pan....I don't care.
There are supermarkets and farmers markets to buy potatoes from.
I don't care if you were hungry or in urgent need of french gourmet potatoes!
Oh and by the way,you also trampled on 2 other plants.
I will keep my eyes open for you! 

All I have are those three potatoes that the thief forgot to take.*sigh*
And I will cook them! Because I planted them,watered them everyday and fertilized them!



  1. I'm so sorry someone stole your potatoes. Make sure you enjoy the ones you have left and make something fabulous with them! Sounds like you have a great little garden! Thanks for taking the time to write your blog.

  2. Than you so much for commenting <3
    Well I am thinking about baking those three little potatoes with just some butter and salt fan-potato style.Gardening is fun and I love growing things that I cannot find in a normal supermarket.
    Have a fab day!


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