Beauty Line Cosmetics Ultra Shine lip gloss review

Hello Hello Hello!

I am seriously in love!
Usually I don't like lip glosses that have a dense pigmentation,because either they look weird after one hour of wearing or they have a weird texture.
Not with this one.I was looking for a true red lipstick or lip gloss.I swatched about 20 of them and the result was rather dissapointing.While browsing through the store I saw a lip gloss stand from Beauty Line Cosmetics,a brand which was new to me.
Well I saw this true red lip gloss and I said to myself :" Whatever,for this price I can take it and if I don't like it,I can toss it."

The lip gloss comes in a clear tube with a silver lid.The applicator is the usual lip gloss applicator.Unfortunately there is almost no info on the lip gloss about the weight.The Distributor is Cream Team ΕΠΕ θΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ .

The pigmentation is amazing.One thin coat is enough to get a bright red lip.The smell reminds me of Gummibears,which is a good smell.It is a bit sticky,but only a little bit.I am happy about the shine.It fills in the fine lines on my lips and makes them look really good.Without kissing or eating the lip gloss lasts 2 hours.After two hours the color fades,but it fades evenly and leaves my lips with a healthy red color.

It also works great on top of lip balm.

Overall I am very very happy with this lip gloss.
Good performance,great value and most importantly a great color.


So if you live in Greece or visit Greece keep your eyes open when you visit Beautycom.


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