Easy Rice Pudding (with a cheat )

Ι love rice pudding,but I hate to prepare it with the traditional way.Either the milk burns on the bottom of the pot or it boils over and makes a mess.
So I found my own way how to cheat.
You need :
500 ml milk
150-170 gr rice ( I used Jasmine rice)
50 gr sugar
1 1/2  tablespoon corn starch
1 + 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
freshly ground cinnamon

In a medium pot bring 1,5 liters water to a boil.Add the vanilla extract and a pinch of sugar.Boil the rice according to the instructions.Drain the water and put the rice back into the pot.Now add the milk (keep 100 ml in a glass),the sugar,the vanilla extract.
In a separate glass mix the cornstarch with milk.Bring the milk/rice mix to a boil and while constantly stirring slowly add the cornstarch until you have the desired texture.Don't add it all at once.Always add a little,stir,check the consistency.

Serve with cinnamon on top.
I love to eat my rice pudding with fresh fruit.I took 1/2 pink grapefruit,cut it in pieces,sprinkled with sugar and added it to the dish.
But you can also use jam,canned peaches,strawberries....etc etc

If you use parboiled rice,this dish will take only 10 min.


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