Formal Polka dot nail design

It is time for Nail design again.
This is an easy design that will make everybody go :" Wow".It is perfect for those formal occasions where you wanna show some color yet be serious and classy.

You need:
Base coat
top coat
gold shimmer nailpolish
red nail polish
white nail polish
glitter nail polish
nail art brush,dotting tool or toothpick
optional rhinestones

Apply your base coat and let it dry fully.The you cover the whole nail with one layer of golden shimmer nail polish.*Dry*
With the red polish you draw a diagonal line and fill in the upper part of the nail.*Dry*
With a dotting tool pick up some white polish and create those cute polka dots.
Now take your nail art brush and the glitter polish and draw a diagonal line under the red.Apply 2 coats of glitter.
You can apply rhinestones if you want and finish with the top coat.

Done :)

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