the medicine for heart ache soul ache and pms

Dear chocolate zombies!

Although it is hot outside I had this craving for my favorite hot chocolate drink ever.It oozes chocolate and it is not suitable for those who count calories!It smells and tastes so good,that you will forget your heartache/soulache/pms-moodswings.

You need :
150 ml milk
50 ml heavy cream
1-2 tablespoons sugar
1 drop vanilla extract
a dash of salt (tiny dash)
a dash of chili (tiny dash)
1 tablespoon cacao powder (not the sweetened or instant one)
a tiny dash of ground clove
1 teaspoon nutella
1 teaspoon chocolate syrup/chocolate sauce
whip cream spray or milk foam
ground cinnamon for the topping

Bring milk and heavy cream to a boil,while constantly whisking add sugar,vanilla,salt,chili,cacao powder,clove and nutella.Remove from the heat and pour into a mug.Add whipped cream or milk foam on top and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Drink it,smell it enjoy it
I know the pic is lousy.*Sorry*



  1. Anonymous22:08

    hmmmmm yummy!
    sowas hätt ich jetzt auch gerne, mir ist grad so kalt :(

  2. *Retrokitten die Tasse rueberschieb*
    Hier ists superwarm,aber ich bin so deprimiert wegen der gestohlenen Kartoffeln,dass ich jetzt ne Tasse gebraucht hab


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