10 things I learned from blogging

1.I learned that it is not always easy to make food look nice
2.I learned that turmeric is not spelled 'tumeric"
3.I learned that there are actually more people of my kind (Goth+chinchillas+cooking)
4.I learned that a few people can really get on your nerves by making you crazy offers : (If you mention our penis enlargement pills,we will pay you a certain amount of cash)
5.I learned that icing sugar blown in your eyes by the wind actually hurts.
6.I learned that blogging is such a great stress relief
7.I learned that the employee of my beauty supply store hates pale women so that she always tries to sell me bronzer.
8.I learned that I am afraid to show full pics of myself on the internet
9.I learned how to do some html noob stuff
10.I learned that blogging takes a lot time and thought.

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