Stripe Nail art Glam


Today was nail design practice ,because I am doing a Lady's nails tomorrow.I can't tell you how excited I am.I will do it 4 free,since I am not a professional.
She wants a french tip with some fancy glitter lines and rhinestones.
So I wanted to practice doing lines.You can use whatever colors you like!
I think the picture pretty much explains itself.Curved lines in dark colors and some Glitter nail polish (2 layers so the glitter shows up well)

Huggies <3


  1. i really amntrying to comeonhere more sensei lostmyinternet i havnt been able to come on much.checked out allur nail designs and so many yumy foods....LOVE your site,its really booming now

  2. you're so talented, do you think you could give me some tips on how to do your nails WELL on your less dominant hand? ^-^

  3. Thanks doll,
    The 'trick' for doing nail art with your weak hand is easy:
    Draw the design you want to do on a piece of paper multiple times with your weak hand.
    Our body has a sort of movement memory,so it will remember the move you make with the pen.
    Practicing to write with the weak hand helps too.

    Hope that was somewhat useful


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