Daytime Gothic Make up

Hi Goth Girls!

Today I had no time at all.I had to look good,but there were like 10 minutes left.Plus I had to go somewhere where people might get scared of a dramatic Goth make up.So I thought of this look that even non-Goths can pull off.

You need :
Black liquid eyeliner
black eyeliner
light eyeshadow/iridescent eyeshadow
pink eyeshadow

Do your foundation/concealer routine.
Then spread the light eyeshadow all over your lid,apply black liquid eyeliner in cat eye style,line your bottom water line and apply a little bit of pink eyeshadow on the end of the eyeliner wing,apply mascara -DONE!
It took me 5 minutes and I still had 5 minutes to do my hair.


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