Choco Crunchies

Hello dear fellow chocolate zombies.

This little sweet treat is for everybody who loves chocolate,nuts and a good old crunch.
It is simple and easy and even children can help prepare those treats.

You need :
400 gr Chocolate of your choice (I used semi sweet)
100 gr white chocolate
200 gr mixed unsalted nuts (I used almond,hazelnut,peanut macadamia)
1 tablespoon sugar or vanilla sugar
1/3 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cup chocolate cereal (Kellogg's chocos )
1/2 cup cornflakes
a pinch of salt

We start off by crushing the nuts in a food processor hit the button for one second two times.
Now you gotta toast the nuts.In a dry non stick pan slowly toast the nuts and as soon as they get color,add sugar,salt and cinnamon and keep stirring well.Once the sugar has melted,remove from the fire.
Now put both cereals in one bowl and crush them with your hands a bit.
Now melt 400 gr of chocolate (either in a bain-marie or in the microwave)
Once the chocolate has melted,add the nuts and the cereals and stir well so all the cereals and nuts are coated with chocolate.
With a spoon take little amounts of the chocolate mess and put them on a non stick baking paper/wax paper.
Once the chocolate has set,melt the white chocolate and decorate your choco crunchies with it.

You can also add dried fruit (bananas,raisins,apricots) to the mixture or use another cereal of your choice)

And now take the choco crunchies to a safe place and eat them all by yourself  *LOL*


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