Spinach Potato Croquettes ( This screams for leftovers!!)


I don't like to throw away food.I love my food because I worked for it and I payed for the ingredients!
So in this recipe I will show you how you can use the spinach puree leftovers from the recipe below , and you can use those old cornflakes sitting in your pantry!
So put on that apron and let's get started!

You need:
Spinach Puree/Mash Leftovers
Old cornflakes /Breadcrumbs
vegan yogurt or cream cheese
Oil and a deep pan to fry

(For non veggies,you can also put Feta Cheese in the mash!!!!)

Okay in a food processor crush the corn flakes  and season them with pepper and salt.
In a bowl mix the puree with 1 teaspoon of vegan yogurt or cream cheese.
Add about a hand full of breadcrumbs to the mash and season if needed.
With wet (!!) hands take a small portion of mash and shape it into a croquette shape or little balls.
Now in a small bowl take 1/4 cup water and add one tablespoon of creamcheese or yogurt to it and mix well until the two components are blended together well.
Let your little croquettes take a bath in the water-yogurt mix and roll them in breadcrumbs right after.

Now let some oil get hot in a deep pan.Soy oil is just fine!
Fry your little croquettes until golden brown.

This recipe can be done with so many different boiled veggies and mash.I did it with carrots,broccoli,peas and turnips.
I served it with a dip made of vegan yogurt,chives pepper and salt.
And of course fresh Greek  tomatoes


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