Super Mario Mushroom Nail Design

Hi folks!

It is nail art time again !
For every gamer-goth-girl this must be the ultimate stage of kawaii-ness.
Even your boyfriend will be showing off your manicure to his friends,because the majority of boyfriends love Super Mario.

Super Mario and I had a very troubled relationship.I had a Nintendo console,but only one Game......So I played Super Mario for a looong time.

You need
Red polish
white polish
black polish
base coat/top coat
nail art dotting tool (A pencil tip will also be just fine)
a toothpick

Apply a base coat,allow to dry and draw a french tip with white polish on your nails.The tip can be a bit bigger than usual.
Now let's draw the mushroom cap.You can use a nail art brush,but I was too lazy.Just draw the outlines and bring the red down a bit on both sides of the french tip
Allow to dry completely.
Now take a piece of paper and place a small drop of black polish on there.Pick it up with a toothpick and draw two thin lines that will be the eyes of the mushroom.
On the same paper place a drop of white polish and pick some up with the dotting tool.Place dots all over the mushrooms cap.

Allow to dry,apply top coat.

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