Tribal Glam Nails


You gotta love a nice tribal when you are a goth girl.
So how can we combine tribal gothicness with glam???
Here is how:
You need:

Aubergine color nail polish with shimmer
silver nail polish
black nail polish
silver glitter nail polish
nail art brush (thin)

Apply a basecoat of your choice and polish the whole nail with the aubergine color.Allow it to dry.
With the silver nail polish you cover half of your nail by drawing a diagonal line going from one side to the other.
With the black polish,draw a little triangle in the upper edge of the nail.This will be the base for the tribal.
Now draw swirls,tribals and fill out empty spaces with black dots.I didn't imagine that tribals are so difficult to draw on a nail.*lol* That's why my design is a bit messed up *XD*
With a toothpick take some glitter polish and draw 4 dots under the silver.
Apply a top coat.Done

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