Happy Nails


I am trying to become better at amateur nail design,so I am polishing my nails quite often.
This fun look is quite easy and it looks cool.

You need:
Yellow pastel nail polish
red nail polish
silver nail polish
green nail polish
black nail polish (I used dark green with glitter)
silver glitter nail polish
nail art brush

Apply a base coat and then cover the whole nail with a yellow pastel polish.Allow it to fully dry.
Take your medium thin nail art brush and draw horizontal and vertical straight lines with a black polish,so that you create little squares.
Fill in the squares with your favorite colors or the listed colors (red,green,silver )
If you messed up a little,you can correct it with some black nail polish.
I also added some cute glitter polish drops with a tooth pick everywhere where the black lines meet.
Apply a top coat,cure-done!


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