Gothic DIY


There is nothing more beautiful than a choker necklace on a Goth Girl.......
But not every country has well stocked Goth shops.
 Don't get frustrated.Being a Goth is all about Do it yourself.

You need:
A black collar cut off from a collar shirt (Just steal your husbands/fathers/brothers black shirt and cut off the collar)
black thread
needle for sewing
needles for pinning the fabric
a pendant
2 snap buttons

I assume you already have cut off the collar of the shirt.
Now trim off the edges so you have a straight piece of fabric to work with.
Fold over the bottom part of the collar and pin it with needles so you have a 1/2 inch seam.
Do the same with both ends,but make sure there is enough fabric left to fit around your neck.
Now sew your seams and once you are done remove the needles.
I sewed my seam with an invisible zig zag stitch.
Now take a white eyeliner or a piece of chalk and wrap the choker around your neck.
Check where the snap buttons should go and mark the spots.
Sew on the snap buttons and the pendant.
You can be creative with your choker:
Add rhinestones,flowers,lace,chains etc........

It took me 20 minutes to make this without a sewing machine.


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