Chocolate covered Strawberries

Yes,I know Valentines day is over.Maybe that is the reason why I am posting the recipe now.
I am not a big fan of Valentines day anyway.But I have to confess that I do love the chocolate covered strawberries.
So while buying potatoes in a veggie market,I saw Strawberries.Yes Strawberries in winter/early spring!
Maybe that is nothing special in the USA,but here in Greece it is.
I thought that the strawberries would taste like nothing,but I was wrong.
They are as delicious as in April/May.

You need
500 gr Strawberries (washed and dried)
200 gr semi-sweet chocolate
100 gr dark chocolate
optional: white chocolate or coconut shavings for the decoration.

Your strawberries should be 100% dry,otherwise the chocolate will go clumpy.
Break your chocolate into pieces and melt it either in a bain-Marie or in the microwave.
Melting the chocolate in a bain marie allows the choco to stay shiny.
As you can see my chocolate is melted in the microwave and has lost it's shine.
Once your chocolate is melted,dip in strawberries and place them on wax paper to harden.
Sprinkle with coconut shavings or white chocolate.


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