Bought the wrong shade of concealer/foundation?

Every Girl has been through this.We went off the make up store or drugstore and bought the wrong shade of concealer or foundation.
No need to be angry for the money you wasted.
You can simply make a tinted moisturizer in less than 5 min.

You need
Your favorite moisturizer with at least 15 SPF
foundation/concealer in a darker shade
a container (I used an old foundation bottle)
tooth picks

Put some moisturizer in your container and simply add a few drops of concealer/foundation and mix well with a tooth pick.
Test the mixture on the back of your hand to see if you have reached the desired shade yet.
I used 3 parts moisturizer,1 part concealer and 1 part foundation.
You can also add loose mineral powder or some shimmer.

I am sooo happy with the result.The tinted moisturizer is perfect for evening out your skin tone and it is a great base for make up.
Mine has a quite strong coverage,because of the concealer.
But I am super happy,that the money I spend for the concealer didn't get wasted.


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