My new swatches


Some days ago I bought a few new shades from no-name brand for a really small amount of cash.
The first row comes in a package with 6 little shadow pots.Since I was running out of black eyeshadow this was a perfect deal.
The colors are really pretty especially the first four.
I am really happy with the pigmentation,but I suggest to wear an eyeshadow base to make them last longer and to really show the pretty color.

The second row comes in a round little pots with 5 metallic shimmer shadows.
When I came home,I discovered that under the shadows there were 2 shimmer lip glosses.
I bought those because I like to add some color to the dark goth makeup.
The pigmentation is crazy,so the tiny pots will last quite some time.The reddish shadow (5th in last row) is a bit hard to get off your eye.It left a little red color on the skin,but hey,for that low price you can't expect 100% performance.
And that was really the only negative thing I found.
The lip glosses are okay,but I am not a big fan of colored lip gloss anyway.
2 shadow sets(6+5 shadows +2 lip glosses)=5,30 Euro/7.59 Dollars

That's not too much.
I am still a bit confused if it is legal to take pictures of brand names....when I am a 100% sure,I will also post pics of products and reveal their name.

Unfortunately I haven't figured out my new cam 100%,so I didn't have the best result picture.The colors are actually more intense.The shimmer reflects the light and makes the colors more faint.

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