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Hey :D
Haircare is so expensive!!A good conditioner costs a lot of money....bummer!
And when you take a look at the ingredients of the oh so expensive shampoo/conditioner,you'll see a bunch of chemicals.
I once googled a few ingredients and I was shocked.
There is actually silicone in a few shampoos/conditioner.It covers the hair with a shiny,healthy looking coat,but underneath this coat the hair is actually very dry and unhealthy.
Buuuuut I found natural alternatives that really have a low cost and they actually work very well.
Here are my 10 favorite things :
1.Vinegar : Vinegar makes the hair shiny and soft.Put 2-3 tablespoons in 700 ml water and stir well.Carefully rinse your hair with that vinegar water and let the vinegar do it's work for 3 minutes.Rinse off the vinegar potion with water.Voila!Shiny hair for like 10 cents

2.Thyme : If you have problem with hair loss,this might be the thing for you. Take 2 Tablespoons of dried thyme and put it in a cup.Pour 100 ml of boiling water in the cup.Let it set for about 10 min.Drain it with a sieve.
Gently rub the thyme tea on your scalp and let it do it's maaaagic for about 30 min.Rinse off with plenty of water.

3.Olive Oil and Water :This is perfect for dyed hair or extremely dry hair.Take 2 tablespoons of extra virgin Olive Oil and rub it gently onto your wet (!!!!!) hair.Wrap some cling film or an old towel around your head and relax for half an hour.Now you wash your hair with your usual shampoo.
You will see that your hair is really deep conditioned and healthy looking.

4.Camomile tea : This one is perfect for blondes.If you keep using this for 3-4 weeks you will have the 'sun kissed' effect on your hair.It is also very soothing for the scalp.Wash your hair and towel dry it a bit.
You need about 100 ml camomile tea.Gently rub it in your hair and let it set for an hour.Rinse it off with plenty of water.

5.Cold Water : This one is the cheapest and easiest one.If you rinse your hair with cold water instead of warm water, the cuticles of the hair will close and your hair.This makes them shinier.
Well don't expect the ice shine effect,but keep in mind that closed cuticles are a good thing to have.

6.Egg yolks : If you have damaged hair or you simply want to do something healthy for your hair,this is the right thing.Make your hair wet.Take two egg yolks (and use the egg whites for a lemon meringue pie) and mix them with two tablespoons of water.Gently rub it into your hair and cover them with plastic wrap or an old towel.Let it do it's work for 1 hour ++++ (as long as you wish)and wash your hair as usual after rinsing the egg yolks off with cold water.

7.Beer : Lets get your hair drunk xD.
This is a nice way to get rid of dandruff and get supershiny and fluffy soft hair.
You need to wash your hair.Take a bottle/can of beer and pour it in your hair.
Let it set for a few minutes and rinse it off with a loooooooot of water.Otherwise you will smell like a pub :D:D:D:D:D
The smell really goes away after blow drying.

8.Aloe Vera This is probably the best of all the tips.Almost everybody has a dry scalp.This can result in itching and dandruff.
This also prevents the hair from falling out.
You need some pure aloe Vera juice.Rub it on your dry scalp and leave it there for 1 hour.Rinse it off after.
Your scalp will be really happy.

9.Sparkling Water : This one is perfect for shiny hair and dry ends.After washing your hair simply rinse it with sparkling water and blow dry it.Your hair will be clean and re-hydrated.

10.Almond oil : WOW that really blew me away.
I had really dry and damaged ends.I tried this and I was amazed by the result.This can easily replace my hair mask.You need a little bit of almond oil (a teaspoon maybe).Make your hair wet and rub the almond oil on the hair.Wrap your hair with old towel/plastic wrap and leave the almond oil set for one hour ++++.I left it in over night.
Wash your hair as usual and see the results.

*Phew* That was a lot to write.I tried every single one of those tips.But I guess because we all have different hair structures some things might work in a different way than others.
You should check for allergies first before using those tips.
Oh and I don't take any responsibility for a hair mask that somehow turned into fried eggs or vinegrette.Haha

Huggies and Happy money saving.

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