Earl Grey Latte

Who needs coffee? Cafe Latte is so 'yesterday'.....
I don't like coffee,because it makes me behave like a headless chicken.

While browsing through my favorite recipe sites,I came across those instant chai latte mixes.
Why do people need instant tea? Is it a matter of time?Oh c'mon I don't believe that some people don't have 3 and a half minutes to brew a cup of tea.

Tea is something wonderful that creates a little bit of a relaxed atmosphere while you drink it.

Earl Grey Latte is a quick and easy thing.

You need:
250 ml Earl Grey tea
6-9 Tablespoons of Milk
Some ground cinnamon

Make your tea and add sugar or sweetener
Steam the milk.If you don't have a milk steamer,you can simply heat the milk and foam it with a milk foamer.
Add some ground cinnamon to the milk.
Pour the hot tea into a glass.Now slowly pour the milkfoam on top of the tea.
Let the Latte "settle" for 2-3 min and enjoy.
That's super easy,yummy and creates that nice cafe atmosphere in your own house.

Enjoy and happy tea - time


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