Tip of the day : Rice water=all purpose beauty secret

We all know that we have to rinse rise before we cook it,but throwing away the water that rinses the rice is a sin,because it's full of vitamins and minerals.So the next time you cook rice,keep the cloudy water from the first rinse and fill it into a bottle to keep it in the fridge.
How you can use it :
1.As a toner.Soak a cotton pad with rice water and gently pad it on your skin
2.As a nail treatment .You can soak your hands in a bowl of rice water for 10-20 minutes and provide nutrients and moisture for your skin.
3.As a hair rinse : Mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to the rice water and after shampooing rinse your hair with rice water.
4.As a after sun treatment.Soak a towel with rice water and apply to mild sunburns or sun-damaged skin.


  1. Great Tipp! I didn´t know that before!

  2. Waaah..Dein Favicon ist ja süüüß, ist das neu? Das hab ich noch nie gesehen! :o)

  3. Great tips! I always heard that rice water has skin whitening effect! Rice can be a facial scrub too! Just take a bit of cooked rice, squeeze into a small ball and rub it on your face. It can get rid of the dirty stuff on your face:)

  4. Ehm, I don't rinse rice before I cook it. Is it too bad? Why do you rinse it?

  5. Only you can come up with such original things. You little witch :P

  6. Thanks dolls
    Nat-Nat you rinse the rice to get rid of dust and excess starch.Less starch will make the rice fluffy and gives it a nice texture


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