Tip of the day : Cleaning silver jewelery

There are many tips and tricks on how to clean silver,but most of them involve rubbing or polishing it after.And toothpaste is kind of messy to tell the truth and it isn't really quick either.The following tip doesn't require a lot of fuzz.
You need:
a plastic bowl
your favorite silver jeweler
laundry detergent/washing powder (preferably the one for hand-washing or biological one)
hot water

Place all the jewelery in a bowl,add 1-2 tablespoons of washing powder and add hot (not boiling!!!) water.
Wait for 10-30 minutes depending on how dirty the jewelery is and remove it from the bowl.Rinse and pace on a towel to dry.


  1. hehe thats what i do, except for any jewellery with opals. Opals become fragile if left to soak in water.(might need to check with any gem sure there are others that dont do well in water...(might be Emeralds)
    I also have a child's toothrbush which i use to brush away any gunk underneath any gems

  2. Really? Most of the time when people say "tip of the day" it's something i already know. This one, I didn't!

  3. Sakara thank you for letting me know :)

    And Y,My granny was queen of tips.She was THE super-housewife.She always said :"Poverty forces you to be creative" And it's kind of true

  4. That is 100% true! Grandparents are the best.
    Of course you can! Waiting for your email. xxx

  5. I only knew the tootpaste thing so I needed to rub and rub and rub.. boring! I'll try your trick next time, thanks hun!

  6. Lene epishs oti prepei ston pato tou bol na vazeis kai ena kommati alouminoxarto..kai kala travaei ti vrwmia...etsi lene alla den to xw dokimasei. Egw to afina panw sto mati mexri to shmeio vrasmou..den i3era oti rixneis to nero kai to afineis gia mish wra...tha to dokimasw giati exw kati skoularikia pou eiani xalia!! Thanks for the tip


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