My current nail care routine and a nail oath

Hi dolls

I have constantly been wearing nail polish for the last months.There were only a few days I allowed my nails to be bare and get a fair share of oxygen,which is not optimal.So I made an oath : No colored nail polish for at least 14 days,more intensive nail care routines and a proper nail strengthening treatment.

For a nail hardener to really work you have to follow a routine : Apply,leave on for 2 days,remove ,one day break and re-apply.But you shouldn't use a nail strengthener more than 2-3 weeks,you have to switch after.Especially the nail hardeners that don't have hydrating ingredients should not be used for more than 2 weeks,because you will end up with rock-hard,dry nails very prone to chipping.I use the essence Ultra Strong Nail Hardener and the Dido Nail hardener.The essence one does a fabulous job at hardening and the Dido one is very rich in nutrients and hydrating substances.

On the days I wear nothing at all on my nails I try to apply as much hand cream,balms,cuticle oils and olive oil lotion as possible.
Oriflame makes a wonderful Apricot and white tea hand and nail cream,which gets absorbed pretty fast and helps the nails to stay hydrated.The nail care products from essence are also a must-have,because they contain a lot of wonderful natural nail strengtheners and substances that help the nail to grow.

It actually doesn't need to be a hand-cream,because any body lotion or any moisturizer will make your nails and cuticles a lot happier.
For the night I have a special lotion,which is a cheap-ass moisturizer from the supermarket (60 cents) mixed 2:1 with olive oil.I apply this lotion,put on some latex gloves and sleep.This is one of the best ways to give your nails tons of nutrients and moisture.

Dolls,I am sorry I won't show you any fancy nail art on my nails,you will see some of the experimental looks I do on fake nails :D

It is quite amazing to see how much the condition of my nails has improved even after a few days.

Products listed :
Essence cuticle oil-discontinued
Essence nail care balm
Essence Ultra Strong Nail hardener -discontinued in the bottle,now available in click-pen form
Dido Nail hardener
Oriflame Apricot and white tea hand and nail cream
Supermarket brand moisturizer mixed with olive oil

Do you have any nail-holy grail-products I should know about?????



  1. No, to be honest I'm not very nail-savvy :/

  2. I try to leave my nails naked for a some days too. I use hand creams and nail oil but I usually forget to apply them daily. And I always always use base coat to protect them. My newest one is Essence pro white nail hardener and I like it! No worries doll, give your nails a rest! Hugs!


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