Oops I think I'm in trouble

Hi dolls

Where should I start?? Yesterday something pretty scary happened.I was sitting on a chair and when I got up my knee made this weird noise.*crack* *clack* When I looked down on my knee I noticed a huge bump on it's left side.Trying to step on my foot was not possible......Then I noticed my patella (knee cap) had just dislocated.
Great! So fucking great.
In November I had a knee surgery planned,because my hypermobility syndrome and chondropathy paired with excessive ballet had pretty much ruined my knees.
The pain of broken bones was nothing compared to that kind of pain and feeling of helplessness.

Thankfully it could be re-located. But until November I just have to 'hang in there' and make sure to always have the knee cap secured.

But yeah it sucks a bit.
Making the decision not to be miserable anymore was probably right,so tomorrow the blog will be back to normal,although I still have to figure out how to cook with  crutches XD But I have done one-legged cooking before.

I though I'd let you know dolls :)
But being in front of the computer all day has a good side too: I discovered tons of new blogs



  1. that must have hurt 0__0
    Hope you get well soon..

  2. ....Ouch, man. So...ballet can do this to you...?? *Wants to take up ballet*

  3. Oh, that's terrible! Strangely enough, that exact same thing happened to a friend of mine recently (kneecap ending up on side of knee). Hope you are able to take it easy for a nice long time and let yourself heal!!

  4. Yiiikes!

    Hmmm, and I thought it was in a lot of pain. My surgery on Monday still did quite a bit on me -- and I woke up with a fever due to skipping one of my anti-biotics -- but yeeouch!

    When I read the first few words of this post, I was hopping that this had to do with a chair and NOT a part of a person! :-S

  5. ~fuck~ Hate it when things like that happen

  6. Oh! This makes my bad knees seem like nothing! I hope you get well soon. :/ Hang in there.

  7. OMG. This post preview is very much like a suspense novel preview. I once had my shoulder dislocated and it hurts like crazy. It was three days before my mum's friend pull my arm to fix it. LOL. Get well soon honey :)

  8. Anonymous15:42

    OH NO! Honey!!! Just reading that make me wince. I hope that you're not in too much pain and that you get better very soon.

  9. Ouch, that sounds painful! I hope and wish it'll get better soon! Huggies!!

  10. Thank you for your words dolls.It's a lot better now,but cooking is still a little impossible.


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