Victorian Project : Victorian make up step by step

Hi dolls

My dear friend will start an awesome project: She wants to dress like a Victorian era Lady for 1 year.
And how could I not support an amazing project like this? The lovely Kitty asked me if I could do a very natural Victorian make up.
The finished eye look :)

So here is a step by step tutorial :

Apply a lot of concealer,because Victorian ladies don't like flaws!

Blend the concealer with a damp sponge

Apply the lightest foundation you have and set it with a light powder.

Use a red-ish blush and focus only on the apples of your cheeks.Use a little more than you usually would.Victorian ladies love a rosy glow on their cheeks.

Prime your eyes.Although our lovely Vic-Ladies didn't use eyeshadow ,you want to emphasize your eyes.

Choose a white/flesh colored eyeshadow and a light brown one

Apply the white eyeshadow in the inner corners and blend it following the fancy red dots

The brown shadow goes into the crease to create more depth .Again follow the dots :D
Tightline upper and lower waterline and smudge it with a pencil brush.Choose a dark gray or black eyeliner pencil.
Draw on bushy brows and apply mascara!

Use a rosy or carmine containing lipstick,but don't cake it on,you just want a wash of color.

And that is basically it :)

Good luck with the 1 year Victorian Lady project <3




  1. Lovely! I'll definitely try this look :)

  2. Your look is so elegant and pretty! I should definitely try it:)

  3. Awesome project indeed! And the perfect makeup to match the clothes!

  4. your look is so pretty...!!
    :* :*


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