Tip of the day: Protect your hair from the sun damage

It's summer now and almost everybody is either on holidays or goes to the next pool or beach.Sun,salt water and pool water can be quite damaging for your hair and cause it to be dry and dull.You can make a cool sun protector for your hair at home with things you probably already have.
You need:
1 spray bottle
150 ml of water
1/2 tablespoon sun screen (high spf would be great)
2-3 drops olive oil
1 tablespoon of your favorite conditioner
optional: Essential oils (rosemary,coconut,lavender ) for a great smell.Use 1-2 drops only.

Fill ingredients into a spray bottle,shake up and spritz on your hair after coming out of the pool or salt water.
You can repeat the application numerous times a day.Just make sure you wash it out at night.



  1. Ohh another fabulous tip!:) I'll try this ASAP,my hair is bleached,so it gets dry easily,esp. in the summer.


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