Least favorite products

Hi dolls,

We all have products we don't like that much and get mad about,don't we?
I always try to find other ways to use the products because I have spend actual money on them and it would be a shame to leave them unused :)
Here are my current least favorites:
-Essence 100% splashproof eyeliner: It was a kinda good product in the beginning,but now the very tip of the felt tip applicator doesn't give off any color.So it is basically useless,because if I can't draw a proper eyeliner wing or a thin line,the product is useless.BUT I use it now before I apply false lashes as a guideline marker :)
-Essence eyebrow designer : Shimmer in an eyebrow pencil? Are you kidding me?The lightest shade has a hideous red-ish tint to it and makes my eyebrows look like I am a ginger (Not that I have anything against them)
-Beautyline Cosmetics eyeshadow brush : Sheds Sheds and sheds.Half of it is missing already......Didn't find a way to use it (except from tickling my chinchilla with it X_X)
-Farmasi Unicolor stick : It's great for winter,but in early spring it slips right off your face,no matter how well you prep/prime/set it.The stick will be refridgerated until winter :)
-Essence 2 in 1 Kajal Pencil : This pencil hurts on the waterline.It's so hard and un-creamy.It creases within 1 minute.I'm using it now for tracing fabrics for sewing.

What are  your least favorite products?



  1. I just realised I don't have anything I don't like. XD I think I might brainwash myself into loving it because I paid for it.

  2. Uuuh, shimmer in an eyebrow designer.. not a good idea xD
    Mmmh my least favourite products.. I'll have to make a list about it, but one of them could be the lipgloss 'Read my lips' from Color Trend by Avon.. I don't like the texture, the colour on my lips makes me look like a zombie.. although it smells good, but nah, not my style (luckily it was cheap, so I didn't lose too much :P)

  3. If you believe it..its the urban decay naked palette..not what i paid for...and not what I expected...sooooo disappointed

  4. i like that you're sort of recycling products instead of just throwing them away.

  5. Shimmering eyebrow pencil?lol WUT. I have that one too,and it's not shimmery at all o__O Neither has a reddish undertone,I almost used it up.Maybe mine has a different formula,because I bought it last Summer.Essence,WTF r u doin'? (Btw,I have a shimmery brown e/s from the Creamylicious TE,I also use it on my eyebrows :D The shimmer disappears after putting it on,tho.)
    The duo eye pencils are really hard,I have 2 of them,I only use them on the inner corners or on my upper lashline.

  6. Thanks for sharing dolls
    @Evinde: Yes it is shimmery I even did a review for it a while ago.It reaaaaaally is my least favorite product.

  7. We share a least fav product, the Essence 2 in 1 Kajal Pencil. Essence 100% splashproof eyeliner is ok for me, it's not very black but I like that the felt tip is extra thin.


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