Chinchilla Antics

Hi dolls :)

The first 'results' from my little survey show one thing very clearly : You want more chinchilla pics.
Our chinchilla is the cam whore in the family.Whenever he sees a camera he starts to pose.It's not just us who think that (pet owners interpret a lot of stuff into their darlings behavior...etc) A friend brought a camera and he was like :" Wtf he is posing".
That's what I see every morning when I peek into his hide-y-house

Chinchilla plotting to take over the human brain.Possible world domination

PSA! He had to clarify that !

Fell asleep on my lap :) 

Favorite winter sport: Being carried around in a blanket.It has to be this specific old blanket though.

Tomorrow I will post ice cream recipes,be prepared :)



  1. aw~~~OMG it is sooo cute~~~im gaw-ing over how cute the little thing is~~~and yes he is def. no rat~~~~adorable~~~


  2. What a cutie! I'm still LOLing over the PSA. I can't blame him for being frustrated over the issue. ;-D

  3. So cute! What an adorable pet!

  4. *Waaaah* *SÜÜÜÜÜSSSS*
    War ich doch nicht die Einzige, die in Deiner Umfrage nach mehr Chinchillafotos verlangt hat! ;-)
    Wie er das Pfötchen so süß auf das Schild hält! <3 <3 <3


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