Island Beach Nail Art design

Hi dolls

Here is today's nail art design,which was inspired by the beach.Only base coat,background color and top coat are done with nail polish.I painted the rest with acrylic paints.It was quite a test for my patience.Especially the palm tree drove me mad for obvious reasons.
I will try to keep this design as long as possible,because it would be a pity to remove 3 hours of work with a cotton ball.

Hope you like it dollies <3
I should probably add a daylight picture tomorrow!

Huggies +Love

Edit : Here is the outdoor picture :)


  1. Wow, that is anmazing! It definitely looks worth the effort! x

  2. That's so pretty!!! I really admire your patience and your talent for doing this :D

  3. Your nail art always amazes me! So cute! You do such a great job!


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